Casual Engagement Shoot in Downtown Philadelphia

March 1, 2022

Matt and Lindsey met in high school and dated for over 10 years before getting engaged. They say that, after all this time, they’re still each other’s best friend – and I could absolutely feel how true this was when we took to the streets for this casual engagement shoot. 

I love helping my couples feel playful during their engagement session. Sometimes people feel like they have to stand still and smile at the camera, but when they open up enough to jump on their partner’s back or bring out their inner child, the photos just capture all that joy. It especially comes through on film: I love working with a mix of digital and film photography, and in this casual engagement shoot the film shots really caught some tender, organic moments between Lindsey and Matt. As you scroll through these photos, the film shots come first at the top of the page, with the digital ones below.

A Casual Engagement Shoot in Fabric Row

I always like to ask the couple to name a few spots that they love or frequent on a regular basis when we’re planning an engagement shoot. Working in familiar stomping grounds helps you to relax, and it means it’s easier for you to settle into your real self and true relationship dynamic. The immediate place that came to mind for both Lindsey and Matt was Emmy Squared – they’ve had a few date nights there, and they love the drinks and pizza. 

So, after we grabbed a couple drinks, we walked around the Fabric Row neighborhood in the freezing cold. It was maybe one of the coldest days we’ve had so far, but that couldn’t stop Lindsey and Matt’s love shining through the photos. Their laughter transformed this causal engagement shoot into a true celebration of their history – and the bright future in front of them.

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