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I love shooting portraits. Over the years, I’ve styled headshots, lifestyle photos, and branding images for creatives and entrepreneurs that truly capture their vision and business.

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Gorgeous Black Philadelphia Influencer tossing her braids back and forth

Need someone to help frame your story? Or maybe your brand is a little scattered and inconsistent? My process is collaborative and organic. I’ll work off your lead and spend time understanding your story so together we can create images that represent you authentically and beautifully.

Dash Creator, Catherine-Gail Reinhard, in NYC her apartment

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Dominique - Blogger - Philadelphia

Catherine - Entrepreneur - NYC

Claybourne - Actor and Trainer - NYC

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Tiffany Denise Hobbs, a Black actress, dancing in a New York Studio



Looking for photos to update your website, reimagine your digital footprint, or stockpile images for future social media posts? You work hard -- your business deserves it and so do you!

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Male Model in Philadelphia leaning on fence



Need a total rebrand? Or maybe your business took off without any formal branding to begin with. It’s time to invest in professional photography that will help you find a cohesive look so you can put your best foot forward.

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Before the photo shoot, we’ll both spend time researching the place and style of the day. We’ll talk wardrobe, location, and activities that will best suit our time together.

If you’re enjoying my style and want to work together, send me a message via the contact page. I typically respond within 24-hours because I’m so excited to learn more about you!

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