December 3, 2021

In Home Photography Session: Nonbinary Couple Maternity Photos

When planning a couples photo session, many people look for big, exciting locations, but an in home photography session is one of my favorite ways to capture intimacy in ordinary moments. By taking photos in your home, I can capture memories that mean the most because they’re in the place that’s most important to your relationship. Nonbinary couple Ash and Shaé’s maternity photos embody the authenticity and power of in home photography.

Couple dances at in home photography session

Why Do an In Home Photography Session

In home photography sets many people at ease because they’re starting out in their own space. As a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I appreciate the chance to photograph these deeply personal spaces. Imperfect, ordinary moments often hold the most beauty because they’re the most meaningful.  

Close up of couple holding hands at in home photography session

When people do couples sessions outside or in a new place, it can take them time to warm up to the camera. With an in home photography session, it’s easy to capture organic interactions with candid photos. No awkward prom poses here!

Nonbinary couple cuddles during in home photography session

Even though in home photography sessions focus on natural everyday interactions, we still get to mix in some more editorial poses. Furniture enables interesting compositions so you and your partner can get some powerful images along with the sweet romantic ones.

Nonbinary couple holds hands for in home photography session

Another perk of an in home photography session is that you don’t have to travel for your photos and worry about carrying a bunch of things with you. For the session featured here, I came to Shaé and Ash’s Kensington apartment. The convenience definitely takes some stress out of the experience.

Nonbinary couple puts flowers in vase for in home photography

What to Include at Your In Home Photography Session

Modern minimalist photos take on an element of nostalgia during in home photography sessions when we incorporate your favorite activities. Shaé and Ash love going to the market to get fresh flowers, so I made sure to photograph this intimate interaction in their kitchen. These beautiful flowers from Jig-Bee gave the couple a chance to show their playful side. The lively blooms also added some fun color.

Couple arranges flowers during in home photography session
Nonbinary couple arranges flowers during an in home photography session

Doing your favorite activity with your partner can lead to beautiful photos, and so can including pets. After all, pets set us at ease. They help us be playful and loving. When we share a pet with a partner, they become part of our families. Ash and Shaé’s dog loved cuddling and showing off for the camera. These photos are keepsakes of their pet but also show their love for each other.

Nonbinary couple sits with their dog during in home photography session
Nonbinary couple at in home photography session on couch with dog

During an home photography session, I love when a couple can forget that I’m there and share something they love. Shaé and Ash relaxed in their living room over a book. It was a perfectly ordinary and very intimate moment that I’m so glad I was able to photograph.

Nonbinary couple sits in living room reading for in home photography

Nonbinary Couple Ash and Shaé’s Maternity Photos

I was lucky to work with Shaé and Ash while they were expecting a baby. Combining in home photography with maternity photos gave me an opportunity to capture a unique and special time in their lives.

Shaé and Ash recently moved to Philadelphia from New York City. They have a lovely renovated townhouse in Kensington, and I knew it would be the perfect place to do maternity photos. The space has beautiful natural light and rooftop access. 

Nonbinary couple poses in kitchen during in home photography

Of course, it helped that Shaé and Ash have great taste in decorating. Their minimalist approach to color worked perfectly for our in home photography session. The lively pops of orange brought just the right balance of warmth to the blues and whites. 

In home photography with nonbinary couple maternity photos

Doing maternity photos as an in home photography session helped the focus stay on candid moments instead of cliché poses. These pictures actually reflect what it’s like for Shaé and Ash to wait on their baby together in their cozy home. I appreciate that they trusted me to commemorate this time in their relationship.

We ended the in home photography session on the rooftop. Shaé and Ash danced joyfully and looked into their endless future!

Nonbinary couple dances and looks into the distance at in home photography session

In home photography is an ideal way to create candid, honest photos of you and your partner. Ash and Shaé’s maternity photos will be valued by their family for generations to come. 

Are you interested in having me photograph your in home photography session? Let’s get the conversation started!