The couple embraces on a tree-lined street

Engagement Photos in Philadelphia: Rittenhouse Square Engagement

When taking engagement photos in Philadelphia, there’s no shortage of cool locations. Recently, the charm of the Rittenhouse Square area won me over. It turned out to be the perfect spot for Chris and Lauren’s engagement photos that balance a modern feel with Philadelphia’s historic charm.

The couple embraces on a tree-lined street for engagement photos in Philadelphia

Engagement Photos in Philadelphia

For Chris and Lauren’s engagement photos, we headed to Rittenhouse The Rittenhouse Square neighborhood has the colonial architecture of the city’s historic neighborhoods without the constant crowds.

A woman whispers in a man's ear. He laughs. engagement photos in Philadelphia

Every enchanting feature about Philadelphia’s colonial architecture can be found in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. Brick buildings with wooden shutters sit along narrow cobblestone streets. Lush trees cast dappled shadows. Walking around there feels like stepping into another time.

The couple explores the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood in engagement photos in Philadelphia

Rittenhouse Square Park When William Penn planned Philadelphia in the 17th century, Rittenhouse Square was one of the original five centers. The design really makes it feel like a meeting place for friends and loved ones in the middle of the bustling city.

Now Rittenhouse Square is home to luxury apartments and fine dining restaurants. The park has an almost European vibe with lines of trees and plein air cafes. With Philadelphia’s shopping district nearby, you can make a whole day out of Rittenhouse Square engagement photos.

The couple explores Rittenhouse Square Park together during engagement photos in Philadelphia

The park itself is full of sprawling lawns and trees. Benches offer places to sit and connect with your partner while you people watch. Friends gather for picnics. Community organizations even host craft fairs and art shows there.

Modern Engagement Photos with a Touch of Nostalgia

Rittenhouse Square Park is a great location for engagement photos in Philadelphia because it’s so close to all the Center City attractions. It’s easy to take a walk and explore the area during a photo shoot. Walking gives you and your partner a chance to interact without focusing so much on the camera. In other words, I can photograph more candid and organic moments. 

A close up photo in black and white of the couple smiling in engagement photos in Philadelphia

When I met up with Lauren and Chris for their engagement photos in Philadelphia, we took lots of great photos in Rittenhouse Square, but we also took a walk in the neighborhood. The couple perused flowers at the market and enjoyed area residents’ charming window boxes. 

engagement photos in Philadelphia A man and woman hold hands walking past a brick building with a window box

Something about the flowers on the sidewalk felt nostalgic in the middle of the modern city, like something you’d see in a movie. It gave us a chance to pause. Lauren and Chris could be playful with the bouquets, and I could capture their connection. 

The couple looks at flowers for sale on the sidewalk during engagement photos in Philadelphia

Center City engagement photos in Philadelphia wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential portrait with City Hall in the background. It’s timeless. The black and white photos feel especially cinematic. 

A black and white photo of the couple in front of Philadelphia City Hall in engagement photos in Philadelphia

Chris and Lauren’s Rittenhouse Square Engagement

Chris and Lauren’s modern romance has an analogue element to it. The couple connected on a dating app, but Lauren first spotted at the gym on Temple University’s campus. He was working behind the desk. Everyday she would see him on her way to her workout. We had to get a few photos with the Temple flags in the background to commemorate it.

The couple walks down the sidewalk with City Hall in the background during engagement photos in Philadelphia

Since Chris and Lauren got engaged during the pandemic, they hadn’t really gotten a chance to celebrate. These engagement photos in Philadelphia were the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

We walked all over the neighborhood, taking in the architecture and ambience. Mostly Lauren and Chris took the opportunity to be present with each other.I love when couples trust me to commemorate the beauty in these ordinary moments.

The couple holds hands in the park for engagement photos in Philadelphia

While we explored the Rittenhouse Square area, we stopped at Parc Restaurant, one of the great dining spots on the park. The French bistro was a cozy spot for the couple to connect. 

A couple stands outside Parc Restaurant on a street corner in engagement photos in Philadelphia
The couple cuddles outside Parc for engagement photos in Philadelphia

I always tell clients to match your outfits to the scenery. Lauren and Chris did a great job selecting colors and silhouettes for walking around Center City and sitting in Rittenhouse Square. Best of all, they wore clothes that made them feel like themselves.

The couple sits in the grass at the park engagement photos in Philadelphia

As a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I appreciated the opportunity to photograph Chris and Lauren in Rittenhouse Square. These engagement photos in Philadelphia embody what I value most in my work: organic photos with a touch of nostalgia. They’re mementos of Chris and Lauren’s love.

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