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Kiko, our long haired doggo

Julia and I met on Instagram. While I still hold to the belief that she asked me out, she denies it. We first collaborated on some street style photography work, which led to her teaching me how to use her grandfather’s old film camera on our first trip together to upstate New York. Little did we know that our social media collaboration would turn out to be the beginning of the rest of our lives. Cut to a few years later, living together in Philadelphia and still pursuing our passions. We both love breakfast sandwiches, new brunch spots, vintage anything, and long afternoons wandering through flea markets.

Kiko came into our lives a year later when Julia fell in love with her on the PSPCA website. They immediately bonded and we haven’t looked back. These two are my biggest fans and their love and support are constant reminders of why I do what I do.



Top 3: coffee, The Bachelor, & Zillow

Top 3: Chicken, Mom, Dad's Food

Some Stuff you should know about me

I actually have a degree in

I'm obsessed with


Burgers, Cacti, and Flea Market's

Need to fix

Nothing makes me happier than

My favorite person is

Hearing Julia laugh

Julia and Kiko

I’m addicted to

I started this business


Nine years ago!

Favorite Movie

My perfect dream hobby

Mrs. Doubtfire

Flipping houses

Where do I see myself 30 years:

We'll be living in an A-frame cabin on a lake, miles from the nearest town. We'd convert a vintage gas station into an arts studio slash coffee shop that sells plants and serves the best breakfast sandwiches. Every morning, I’d drive my vintage car into "work" and park at the back, near the secret walk-up window that serves Mister Softee to the special few who know it exists.

Philadelphia Family having fun walking by the water in Family Photo session


Hannah & Shane

I told you a little about me and now it's your turn. What do we have in common? What did your mom pack you for lunch growing up? Did you have a Barney birthday party when you were 3? I did and I have video to prove it. You have nothing to lose, in fact, you'll be gaining a new friend!

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