5 Reasons To Go With A Super 8 Wedding Film

September 13, 2022

When you consider getting married, you’re always going to wonder how to make such a unique event that much more special. It’s natural to spend a lot of time considering the photo and video aspects of your wedding. They act as the best means of preserving what is such an important moment and make it a memory you can always go back to in the future. So if you’re looking to add a little more flair to your wedding, you should consider a Super 8 wedding film!

Don’t worry. If you’re confused about what a Super 8 wedding film is, I will explain it all to you right here! So let’s get into it. 

What is a Super 8 Wedding Film?

Let’s start with the basic question: what is a Super 8 wedding film? It’s a great question, and one that’s super easy to answer. Since 1965 Super 8 has been around as a film format for capturing video. What makes Super 8 so special is the vibe and atmosphere expressed in footage captured on a Super 8 camera. It’s unique and one-of-a-kind.

There are some obvious aspects to it that make it so unique and special. I love shooting on Super 8 film because of the vintage qualities of the footage, the classy elements, and how the homemade feel gives it a deeper meaning. Getting your wedding film shot on Super 8 is going to give you a timeless piece of art to celebrate forever.

Reasons to Have a Super 8 Wedding Film?

Okay, so you’ve got more of an idea about what is a Super 8 wedding film. But now let’s talk about why you definitely need one.

#1 – Unique

Now when I say you should have a Super 8 wedding film, understand that doesn’t mean wedding photos aren’t going to happen. Instead, this is meant to act as another layer to your keepsakes from your wedding. Of course, most people will get both pictures and a film taken for the wedding. But having a Super 8 wedding film is a more unique approach that is growing in popularity. 

Wedding videos mean experiencing the wedding all over again through the lens of a video camera. You get to remember vividly how you both were that day and how you looked at one another. A Super 8 wedding film stands out from the crowd of more generic or formulaic wedding videos you may have seen on the market. It feels more organic.

#2 – A Nostalgic and Vintage Touch

The look you get from Super 8 film is incomparable to anything you’d get on any other type of modern digital camera. That dreamy vintage feeling to it is a great visual representation of the kind of ‘once in a lifetime’, ‘oh my God it’s really happening’ sensation you feel on your actual wedding day. It will not only add that nostalgic feeling and vintage atmosphere, but it will also look more romantic. It sounds silly, but it’s the truth. 

#3 – Treasure Forever

Showing off your Super 8 wedding film to your friends, family, children, and grandchildren will always be special because it’ll look like no other wedding video. Instead, it’ll look like a film held in archives for decades with that old touch to it, even if it happened very recently.

#4 – Emotions Beautifully Captured

Watching films of things we experienced, or stories we know, can bring back a lot of memories and emotions. What I love so much about a Super 8 wedding film is the level at which the emotions you feel are depicted on camera. It’s superior to what you’d get on a digital camera. That’s largely due to the atmosphere Super 8 imposes on the footage.

#5 – Perfect Imperfection to a Super 8 Wedding Film

What a lot of people love about a Super 8 wedding film is the imperfections of the footage produced by the camera itself. It’s not crisp and perfect. It’s imperfect and oozing character and charm. It’s not a camera where you can film a second take. What you film is what you get. It’s true to the moment and provides a level of authenticity that shows the candid moments of your wedding day and between you and your partner. It’s something truly special. 

How to Pull Off a Super 8 Wedding Film?

There are a few things you need to know about pulling off a Super 8 wedding film. 


You’d need to consult with the photographer to understand what the potential cost of having a Super 8 wedding film might be for your wedding. I talk a lot about photography pricing and why it can be so expensive. So, check out that article for some guidance on pricing. 


Super 8 cameras don’t capture sound. However, most photographers/videographers will use external devices to catch audio. The audio is the more modern aspect of the Super 8 wedding film experience as it’s not using an older type of technology. You can talk with your videographer about capturing simultaneous sound or deciding to simply play music over the video.

Film Length

The thing about Super 8 film is that a single roll provides 3 minutes of video. So most photographers will opt to choose their moments carefully depending on how many rolls they’re planning on using. This means they might take a video every hour or so or focus on specific moments like the ceremony, vows, first dances, speeches, bouquet toss, etc. 

Watching Super 8 Wedding Films

People often wonder how they will be able to watch their films; and it’s important to understand that it’s like any other video. Photographers don’t just hand over reels and make you figure it out on your own. Instead, they will develop and digitize the film for you and make it an easy-to-watch finished product. Of course, you’re welcome to request the reels after they’ve been digitized. 


Intrigued by the concept of a Super 8 wedding film and ready to put a ring on this idea? My name is Jason Moody; and I’m the guy you need to talk to if you’re living in Philadelphia and want to have an iconic wedding film. I love a Super 8 wedding film and can’t wait to show you how beautiful your wedding can be on film. So, let’s chat about how we can make your wedding that much more special.