Wedding Photography on Film at The Country House at Bluestone

December 10, 2021

I’m drawn to modern wedding photography focused on organic moments. Being a Philadelphia wedding photographer gives me opportunities to celebrate couples’ authentic relationships. Camille and Lee’s cool wedding at the Country House at Bluestone was a perfect fit for my style which is modern with a cinematic flair. Their wedding photography on film is also an honest reflection of a joyful day.

Modern Wedding Photography in Philadelphia

In my experience, finding a Philadelphia wedding photographer whose style you vibe with is just as important as finding your dream venue. A photographer’s style will shape how they capture your wedding day – and how you remember it for generations to come. 

I value modern wedding photography that is minimalistic and artistic. Minimalism allows me to focus on the low key love between you and your partner. It shows the value in the small moments that seem ordinary but mean the most. These unposed portraits of Camille and Lee portray the excitement and love they were feeling without any distractions.

For Camille and Lee’s wedding photography in Philadelphia, I was inspired by contemporary cinematography. I love music videos that use light and movement in interesting ways. Couples should feel as cool as pop stars in their wedding photos. 

A candid, minimalist style worked so well for Camille and Lee’s wedding because the day was so full of smiles and laughter. By providing only the bare minimum posing, I was able to create photos that reflect the personalities and relationships of the couple and their community. Camille and Lee’s portraits with their wedding parties reveal how fun-loving and affectionate they are with their friends as well as each other.

Wedding Photography on Film

While I love the cinema-inspired modern look of the digital wedding photography from Camille and Lee’s big day, I also included some black and white wedding photography on film. Black and white film is classic and brings light and movement into focus.

Film has a timeless quality. It’s effortlessly cool because the images look so organic. Because the nature of wedding photography on film means that I don’t take as many film photos as digital, even imperfections feel special. Photos really take on a one-of-a-kind feeling. 

Wedding photography on film is different from the twinkling lights of a music video but equally cinematic. Check out this photo of Camille and Lee talking between events. The bright light from the window and deep shadows of the hall evoke a natural intimacy and sense of drama.

The texture of film gives it a different feeling than digital wedding photography as well. Contemporary portraits immediately have a vintage aspect to them. This portrait of one of the ring bearers could be from any decade, and it’s a keepsake that family members will value for generations. 

Camille and Lee’s Wedding at The Country House at Bluestone

Camille and Lee had an autumn wedding at The Country House at Bluestone. They met after a late night out with friends. Lee showed up to Camille’s with some mutual friends, and she was quickly won over by his cute smile and sense of humor. As you can see in their wedding photos, this couple smiles a lot when they’re together.

As I mentioned before, I found inspiration for Camille and Lee’s wedding photos in music videos. I love the movement and color in Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor” video. The sparkling lights and glittering clothes shine dramatically, but there’s also an intimacy to the video which only features two people.

I brought some of that same glamour and fun to Camille and Lee’s reception photos. The candles and lights flare like stars around them. Their dance floor photos are intimate, cool, and full of movement. It helped that this couple and their friends loved to dance! They made the most of every moment of the reception.

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Thank you to all the vendors who made this day possible:

Venue and Caterer: Bluestone Country Club 

DJ: DC Pro Audio and Lighting, LLC 

Hair: Latifah Stevenson

Makeup: Raushanah Washington,

Dress: The Wedding Factor

Suit: The Black Tux

Rentals: BeScene Events