Family Rehearsal Dinner at Osteria, Philadelphia

July 5, 2022

This rehearsal dinner and ceremony at Osteria, Philadelphia, was a joyous family occasion full of elegant touches. Shannon and Nick got married in their backyard in Brooklyn earlier in the year, but they wanted to have a bigger celebration too, so had all their family pile into the Osteria restaurant’s glass-paned dining room for a special ceremony and a full feast of exquisite Italian food.

Family Dinner Party at Osteria, Philadelphia

People tend to be surprised to hear it, but I love when there are kids at rehearsal dinners and weddings. They have no cares in the world, and I sometimes wish adults would just look at the camera like them: as if the camera is just another person at the party, instead of a scary piece of equipment that could make them look weird.

This Osteria Philadelphia rehearsal dinner had such a great communal, family atmosphere. The kids practiced walking up and down the aisle, throwing petals, and dancing, and it was beautiful to see three generations get to enjoy each other. This is one of the best things about dinner parties – and I’d love to see more couples taking a leaf out of Nick and Shannon’s book, and going for more dinner party rehearsals and even micro weddings at restaurants.

A Few Deep Breaths

As fun as the family chaos was, though, I made sure to sneak the happy couple away from Osteria restaurant for a little 15 minute break and portrait session. The tough part about a wedding weekend is finding alone time with your partner, and the way I photograph is very organic, which allows the couple to feel like they’re on their own or that I’m a friend tagging along. Shannon and Nick got to take a deep breath and just bask in the moment together.

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Talented Wedding Vendors

Photography: Jason Moody Photography
Venue & Caterer: Osteria
Atomic Tangerine
Dress: Rime Arodaky

Suit: Indochino
LJ Events
Octavia Elizabeth