Nontraditional Wedding at Location 215

December 31, 2021

Finding the right venue can be key if you’re planning a nontraditional wedding. Location 215 is a Philadelphia wedding venue with a modern sensibility. I was lucky enough to shoot E & J’s nontraditional wedding for Kelly Giarrocco that brought unconventional elements to the bright space. The result was a visually stunning ceremony and reception – and some very cool wedding photography. 

A couple shares a cup of wine at their nontraditional wedding at Location 215 Philadelphia

Location 215 Philadelphia

Location 215 in Philadelphia is a former industrial space that has been converted into an event venue. Unlike other industrial event spaces, it doesn’t have dated design elements or rugged exposed brick. The floors, ceiling, and walls are all white. Combined with the tall windows and high ceilings, this creates a very bright space that can be tailored to a nontraditional wedding.

A ceremony is set up for a nontraditional wedding at Location 215
Tables are set for a dinner reception at Location 215
Photos of the couple before their nontraditional wedding

In addition to being bright and airy, Location 215 has modern design elements. Polished concrete floors reflect light. Big light fixtures warm up the space, too. The features are very sleek and understated, which makes it flexible. The space really resembles an art gallery. This made it fitting for E, who is an art director in New York City.

The first look before a nontraditional wedding at Location 215
A view of the bride's bouquet before her nontraditional wedding
The groom puts his hand on his bride's back before their nontraditional wedding at Location 215
A blurred photo of the couple dancing at Rail Park Philadelphia

One of the perks of Location 215 is the neighborhood. The venue is located in the Spring Arts District just north of Center City. There are so many restaurants and hotels within easy walking distance. It’s very convenient if you want to keep things simple for guests coming out of town. There are even good first look locations nearby. E & J opted to have theirs at The Rail Park, a city park on an old elevated train track.

The couple walks along the park before their nontraditional wedding
The couple walks towards their nontraditional wedding
The couple drives to their nontraditional wedding in Philadelphia

Natural and Nostalgic Film Photography

Even though Location 215 is a very modern Philadelphia wedding venue, film photography fit in well with E & J’s day. The warmth of color film creates a sense of nostalgia, and the photos have a charming texture. Even the imperfections of film are charming because they’re unique and one-of-a-kind in a way you don’t get with digital photos.

A floral arrangement at the base of a chuppah for a nontraditional wedding ceremony

The black and white photos, in particular, bring a feeling of timelessness to E & J’s nontraditional wedding photos. The aesthetic of the venue, decor, and even E’s dress are very contemporary. Black and white film still manages to set them apart and give them a sense of history. 

The couple sits at Rail Park before their nontraditional wedding

A Modern Take on a Jewish Ceremony

E & J decided to incorporate some Jewish traditions into their nontraditional wedding ceremony. Before the public ceremony, E & J signed their ketubah, a marriage contract. Typically, this is a more intimate part of the wedding day, with just close family and friends present.

The couple signs the Ketubah before the nontraditional wedding
The bride puts her arm around a friend at the nontraditional wedding.

During the ceremony, E & J shared a glass of wine to signify the joy they share. Then the couple walked in circles around one another to symbolize intertwining their lives and creating a new home. Finally, they ended the ceremony by smashing the glass.

Detail photos of florals on chuppah at Location 215 Philadelphia

The whole ceremony took place under a beautifully decorated chuppah. The florals and greenery burst off an upper corner of the structure. They also wrapped around the support posts and draped gracefully outward. Against the clean white walls of Location 215, the chuppah made the ceremony spot feel like a little oasis. 

E+J’s Nontraditional Wedding

E & J created a nontraditional wedding by incorporating unexpected elements throughout the ceremony, reception, and design. The florist used unconventional plants to create fresh and modern arrangements. They even used vegetables, including rutabaga, kale, and collard greens. The dark greens contrasted with creamy zinnias and deep red and orange blossoms. Such vibrant florals with interesting textures brought Location 215 to life.

Nontraditional wedding flowers arranged on the dinner table
Details of the tablescape for the nontraditional wedding

Like the venue, E’s dress was very modern with interesting details that made it stand out from run-of-the-mill wedding dresses. The lines of the dress were sleek and elegant. The fabric fastened at the back and the slit on the side created fun movement too.

The back of the bride's dress flares behind her
The first dance at a nontraditional wedding under balloons

Another thing that made it a nontraditional wedding was the music choice. E and J’s reception focused on a luxurious dinner and intimate conversations. Instead of the usual dance tunes you hear at weddings, the DJ played a lot of indie music. The calmer music created the perfect backdrop for the occasion, and it was another thing that made the day unique. 

The couple laughs at speeches at their nontraditional wedding
The couple kisses during their reception

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Thank you to all the vendors who made this day possible:

Shot for: Kelly Giarrocco

Venue: Location 215 

Planner: Confetti & Co.

Florals:  Splints & Daisies 

Hair & Makeup:  Diane at ONLO 

Music: DJ Jamie Grimbl

Dessert: DiBruno Brothers 

Dress:  Vanessa Cocciario Rings: Barsky Diamonds and Bario Neal