Bartram’s Garden Wedding On Super 8 Film

September 20, 2022

I loved getting to capture Phil and Heather’s whimsical Bartram’s Garden wedding on Super 8 film.

This couple describe themselves as down-to-earth, simple and minimalist. They didn’t want to make their Bartram’s Garden wedding into a huge production.

Instead, they wanted something untraditional but authentic – a true reflection of who they are together. They loved the idea of capturing their memories in a nostalgic medium; and they opted for a Super 8 film for its “home movie” quality.

Super 8 Was Perfect for this Bartram’s Garden Wedding

As soon as they knew they were going for a Bartram’s Garden wedding, one of Heather’s requests was to get photos and video of her swinging on the swing in the garden with Phil.

It had been raining on and off all day. So, we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to do it. But when the weather cleared, I loved seeing her eyes light up when we were finally able to make it down to the swing.

I think what I love about Super 8 is that it’s non obtrusive. It makes it very easy for me to be a fly on the wall and just capture what’s happening around me.

That’s what I love to contribute to a couple’s day: being able to just let them enjoy the day without me having to take them away from their celebration.

And what a celebration this was! Instead of a cake cutting, Heather and Phil had a wedding cake pinata they took turns swinging at.

The dance floor was full of streamers, and at some point the Flyer’s mascot Gritty showed up. It was an epic time.

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