Design a Wedding Style that’s Uniquely You

November 30, 2023

What if you could design a wedding day that felt and looked as unique as you? As a wedding photographer, I often find that my creative clients want to infuse their day with their own personality and style. Dorie and Derek’s celebration is a perfect example of how you can create a wedding style that evokes your own personal style. Take a look at some of the creative decisions they made to design a one-of-a-kind wedding, and get some inspiration for your unique day.

A bride and groom admire their wedding rings in film wedding photography.

Turning Artistic Talent into a Unique Wedding Style

Some marriers choose a very hands-off approach to designing their wedding. Dorie and Derek did the exact opposite. As graphic designers and artists, they had a vision for how they wanted their wedding style to reflect their personalities and tastes. Dorie designed a lot of the decor and ephemera at the wedding. Since she’s a professional, even the DIY aspects felt polished and cohesive.

A groom carries a wedding sign down the steps at the Sandy Hook Chapel.
A bride and groom with unique wedding style walk down the steps inside the Sandy Hook Chapel.

For his part, Derek built their wedding website and designed all the signage. Looking at their website showed me just how intentional Dorie and Derek were from the very beginning of their planning process. The color palette Derek used for the website perfectly matched the florals and decor at the wedding. All that bright, summery energy flowed from the moment their guests received their invitations.

A bride and groom sit in the grass and kiss outside the Sandy Hook Chapel.

Infusing Your Wedding with Your Personality

Even if you’re not professional designers like Dorie and Derek, you can create a wedding style that reflects your personality. Start with some basics like your clothes. Dorie’s wedding dress is definitely out of the ordinary. The movement, silhouette, and floral overlay share similarities with clothes Dorie typically likes to wear, so the dress feels very authentic to her.

Guests sit in wooden chairs inside the Sandy Hook Chapel watching a wedding ceremony.
A guitar player stands in front of a pink wedding ceremony backdrop.

Florals are another place you can infuse personality and unique moments into your wedding style. Maybe you like a clean classic look with white roses. Maybe you live for cottagecore and want to drape moss over your reception tables. Your florals, like your clothes, can be your favorite color and presented in an aesthetic that feels true to you. 

A wedding reception sign in displays a seating chart in front of a tent.

You can find more inspiration for your wedding flowers at this blog post: Modern Wedding Flowers; 3 Floral Styles that Make an Impact.

A bride and groom pose for creative wedding photos inside the Sandy Hook Chapel.
A Philadelphia bride with a unique wedding style carries a colorful bridal bouquet.

Just like you want your clothes and decor to reflect your personality, your wedding photography should too. That’s why I like to say that I lead with personality in posing my clients. I’m less interested in putting you in the perfect editorial pose than I am in getting you interacting with your partner and enjoying the moment. That approach worked out perfectly for Dorie and Derek’s wedding photography.

A creative wedding bouquet sits on a reception table beside fruit and candles.

Capturing Real Moments

Dorie and Derek’s vision wanted photos that matched the actual experience of their wedding day. Their wedding style was so colorful and energetic. They wanted their wedding photography to reflect that. When I asked them what drew them to my work, they said, “The natural real moments you capture!… We love the off-kilter, motion blur-y, flash, shoes, etc.” 

A bride and groom enter a tent for their first dance at their New Jersey wedding.
A bride and groom kiss beneath a floral installation in a wedding tent outside Sandy Hook Chapel.

Those aspects of my photography made it a great match for Dorie and Derek’s wedding style. They wanted their wedding to be, above everything else, fun for everyone there. “Aunts will dance and get sweaty,” they said. “Kids will be playing with the corn hole bags and in the grass. Friends will get turnt.  We’ve been waiting three years to get married. We’re gonna have a good time.”

Wedding guests gather inside a white tent as the sun sets behind Sandy Hook Chapel.
A wedding reception table is set with custom menus and colorful wedding flowers.

These wedding photos show just how creative, colorful, and fun this wedding was. The images match the vibrant energy that everyone brought to the celebration. Even the off-kilter images give you a sense of what it was like to get swept up in Dorie and Derek’s moment.

A bride and groom pose with friends for a wedding photo on their outdoor dance floor.
A bride and groom cut a pink and purple wedding cake in a film wedding photo.

Your intentionally crafted wedding day deserves to be documented with photos that feel true to you. I’m a Philadelphia wedding photographer, and I specialize in candid storytelling with film photos and Super 8 video. Reach out to me here.

Thank you to the vendors who made Dorie and Derek’s wedding so amazing:

Venue: The Post Chapel (Sandy Hook Chapel)
Photographer: Jason Moody Photography
Planner: Kathleen Deo 
Rentals: Dovetail Vintage 
Caterer: Falco’s Catering 
Florals: Flower Child Floral 
Makeup & Hair: Lock & Shade 
Music: Non-Traditional Wedding DJs 
Cake/Dessert: Chocolate Carousel 
Stationary: Risolve Studio & Kat Scheider