6 Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Outfit

August 18, 2023

There are a lot of rules about choosing a wedding outfit. If you’re planning a wedding, you’ve probably already gotten your fair share of unsolicited advice. As an experienced wedding photographer, I always notice that the people who are happiest on their wedding day are the ones who wear what makes them most comfortable. Many brides, especially, talk about not feeling like themselves in full hair and makeup. You don’t have to go the traditional route if you don’t want to. Skip the Pinterest-inspired makeup, long train, and white dress if that doesn’t feel authentic to you. 

A marrier reaches over to their spouse and adjusts his hair.

6 Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Outfit

Regardless of whether you opt for a traditional wedding outfit, these tips will help you feel more comfortable and confident on your wedding day.

A bride in a wedding dress with puffy sleeves pushes her hair back from her face.

1. Give yourself enough time. 

You probably already know that finding your dream outfit will take time. Maybe you’re making appointments at boutiques or scrolling the internet for inspiration. People sometimes forget that you also need to build in time for alterations. Even with small alterations, you need to give yourself a significant buffer. Tailors can get booked out pretty far in advance, especially for people getting married in peak wedding season.

Here are some estimates of how long alterations can take:

  • For a wedding dress, give yourself eight to ten months for alterations. 
  • For a custom suit, plan for at least six months.
A bride and groom in wedding outfits pose in front of a fountain at a Philadelphia wedding venue.

2. Remember that your wedding outfit is about you.

It sounds obvious when you see it in a blog post, but it’s easy to forget. Choose an outfit based on what you want to wear, not what your friends and family are pressuring you into. If you want to wear a blue dress on your wedding day, by all means do it. Wear a pink tie or a turtleneck. Your wedding outfit should make you feel comfortable. Bypass what you think you have to wear and ask yourself, “Is this what I would wear for the kind of experience I want my wedding day to be?”

A couple poses in nontraditional wedding outfits at terrain.

3. Bring everything with you to fittings.

It makes sense to find the main parts of your outfit before your accessories, but try to have everything – undergarments, accessories, etc. – available at fittings. This gives you a chance to change course if a tie doesn’t work with your suit fabric or your shoes aren’t quite the right style. You can also make sure your undergarments are completely covered.

A bride carries a white purse through a wedding reception.

For custom wedding outfits, you can even bring an outfit that you like the fit of. Bring along your favorite suit, pair of pants, or dress so that your tailor can use the same measurements. I highly recommend doing this if you’re going to a company like SuitSupply or Indochino.

4. Always speak up.

You’re preparing for your wedding day, and you deserve to feel and look amazing. If something doesn’t fit right, or you don’t like the way it’s sitting, say something. Don’t settle because you’re worried about hurting someone’s feelings. Chances are your tailor would rather you say something and walk away from the experience satisfied.

A bride and groom at a destination wedding walk across a sandy beach in wedding attire.

5. Consider how your wedding outfit will travel.

If you’re having a destination wedding, you have the added logistics of packing. Some fabrics wrinkle more than others. If you’re having a custom outfit made, tell your designer about your plans when you’re picking fabrics. That way they can strategize from the start of the process.

Family members carry a veil across a street.

Additionally, check in with your lodging and/or venue. Do they have a steamer or iron available for you to use? If not, you’ll need to bring one of those too.

A marrier straightens their wedding suit jacket on its hanger.

6. Have fun!

When it comes to your wedding day, there are no rules. My hope as a wedding professional is that couples continue to see that tradition can be thrown out the window. They can create a day that is true to their unique style and personality. Clothing is a great way to express this!

A Philadelphia bride poses with smiling bridesmaids wearing different dresses in neutral colors.

Did these tips give you insight on your perfect wedding outfit? I’m a Philadelphia wedding photographer with lots of experience helping clients on their path to unique, authentic wedding experiences. Check out these blog posts for more helpful ideas: