Intimate Promise Ridge Wedding

January 28, 2022

Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, a little rain can add a sense of spontaneity and magic. Chris and Sarah had an intimate Promise Ridge wedding on a rainy day in autumn. With the Pocono Mountains alive with fall color, this small wedding put family and little moments at the center.

Promise Ridge

Promise Ridge is a small wedding venue in the Pocono Mountains, and the view is one of its best features. Ceremonies take place on the Infinity Deck where couples say “I do” in front of a living wall. The living wall is covered in ferns, coladium, and other lush plants. Elephant ears grow on either side, adding to the forest charm. Market lights string overhead, too, to light the deck after sunset.

The enchanted forest vibes of a Promise Ridge wedding continue in the reception space. Simple wood furniture, blue walls, and mirrors create warmth without overshadowing any decor couples choose to add. Candles and florals add a festive ambiance to the reception space. Because the decor is simple, it’s easy to tailor the decor to any season, whether you’re having a spring elopement or fall micro wedding.

A Micro Wedding and Elopement Venue

Part of the magic of a Promise Ridge wedding is the celebrant, Alisa Wongg. Alisa creates a custom ceremony for every couple. She doesn’t copy and paste anything! As a result, couples feel taken care of, and their wedding feels tailored to them – which it is. 

Promise Ridge is perfect for micro weddings and elopements. As mentioned above, the ceremony and reception spaces are designed for just 20 people. This means that a small group will feel comfortable without a lot of extra space to fill. The venue also aims to keep planning easy, and there’s a calm atmosphere around a Promise Ridge wedding.

Couples looking to make a weekend out of their micro wedding or elopement will enjoy Promise Ridge. Located about two hours north of Philadelphia, it’s located near the Appalachian Trail ridge. The wedding venue embraces its forest home in its aesthetic.

Like the forest around it, a Promise Ridge wedding is colorful. The getting ready suite features wallpaper with large birds on sweeping branches. The plants on the living wall have hints of pink, and in the fall, the mountains come alive with red, orange, and gold.

Organic Images of Authentic Moments

Even though Chris and Sarah held their Promise Ridge wedding in the heart of the woods, their photos strike a balance between nostalgic and modern. The images highlight movement and interactions. Whether it’s Sarah’s hair flying as she dances or her daughter’s feet on top of Chris’s shoes, the photos show the emotion of those moments. They’ll be able to look at these photos years from now, when their daughter’s feet are much bigger, and remember exactly how they felt.

Editing photos in black and white is a great way to bring a sense of timelessness. At the same time, it strips away distractions for a more modern minimalist style. These Promise Ridge wedding photos are about the emotions and the small moments. They’re all the more nostalgic for this.

Chris and Sarah’s Intimate Wedding

Chris and Sarah’s Promise Ridge wedding was full of unexpected moments of fun and connection. From the laughs during the ceremony to dancing in the rain, the couple really stayed in the moment. 

To customize their Promise Ridge wedding to their family, Sarah and Chris made some of their own traditions. They especially wanted to include Sarah’s daughter in the big moments of the wedding day. They gifted her with her own little bouquet and ring for the ceremony. At the reception, she got to dance with Chris and even helped with the cake cutting! Finding all of these ways to incorporate her into the day showed how much Chris and Sarah wanted their wedding day to be about the family they’re building together.

In addition to making their own traditions, Sarah and Chris rolled with the unexpected gracefully on their wedding day. Immediately after the ceremony, it began to rain. The timing really couldn’t have been luckier. Even though it rained for the rest of the night, it didn’t stop everyone from having a great time!

Are you planning a micro wedding or elopement? I would love to capture your intimate day in authentic images. Reach out to me, and let’s get the conversation started!

This wedding was shot for Sarah Brookhart.

Venue: Promise Ridge