Intimate Maas Building Wedding on Super 8

March 17, 2023

The Maas Building is an incredible Philadelphia wedding venue with indoor and outdoor space. Even though it’s an industrial wedding venue, it feels unique with a courtyard and garden to match any atmosphere. I documented Shaun and Shana’s intimate Maas Building wedding on Super 8. Their wedding video captures the warmth and artistry of their wedding day.

A Maas Building Wedding

The Maas Building has multiple spaces available for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The outdoor space includes a shady courtyard called the Patio. The Patio is surrounded by vine-covered stone walls. It has an intimate garden atmosphere and feels almost like it could be anywhere, not just in Philly. The French blue doors make a great ceremony backdrop. Some folks choose to use this space for cocktail hour and receptions. Strings of lights and candles give it extra charm.

The Maas Building also has an actual courtyard garden. The wood-fired pizza oven is in the area. (A lot of couples go with catering who do pizza, but you’re not limited in your choice of vendors.) This area is well-suited to hosting cocktail hour and dinner. Its winding paths create smaller spaces that encourage conversation and connection. 

The garden also has a carriage house-turned-cottage. You can use it to get ready or stay overnight at the Maas Building. The simple but colorful space is a cozy place to connect with your closest people before your celebration gets into full swing. 

Despite all the great outdoor space, the Maas Building isn’t exclusively an outdoor wedding venue. In case of rain, it’s always nice to have an indoor option. The upper floor is a classic industrial wedding venue with tall ceilings, hardwood floors, and brick walls. With a little decor, it’s warm and inviting.

The room on the lower floor is popular because it opens onto the patio. The towering blue doors you see in many Maas Building wedding photos open into a spacious room. In good weather, you can even plan your reception seating to wind from the interior to the patio. 

A Unique Philadelphia Wedding Venue

The Maas Building is so spacious because it was built as a brewery in the 1850s. In fact, the building was big enough to accommodate a trolley car repair shop. Eventually, the building fell into disrepair and sat empty for a long time. A couple purchased it in 2008 and brought in a team to renovate the building with reclaimed materials. They maintained the historic character of the building while creating an inviting space for arts and cultural events. It even houses a recording studio.

This Philadelphia wedding venue is located in the Ludlow neighborhood. It’s just 15 minutes from Center City and accessible by public transportation. It’s also close to I-95 and Fishtown. The area is full of restaurants, breweries, and cafes for wedding guests to enjoy. 

An Intimate Wedding on Super 8

If you get married at the Maas Building, consider getting a Super 8 wedding film. This venue translates well to such an intimate, nostalgic medium. The soft colors and historic architecture take on extra warmth on Super 8.  

One thing that sets Super 8 wedding film apart from traditional wedding videos is the lack of sound. With no sound, you have to rely on the motion picture to portray the moment’s emotions. Since Super 8 was designed for consumers to use in their homes, it gives your wedding film a home video feeling.

For more reasons to love Super 8 wedding films, check out this blog post!

Shaun and Shana’s Maas Building wedding took full advantage of the tree-lined garden and shady patio for an event with a Mediterranean flair. Yalla Yaya provided a vibrant (and delicious) spread. The colors look so beautiful and natural on Super 8. This film gives you a clear sense of the joy and closeness among the guests. The candid moments shine through more on film than they could in any over-produced digital wedding video.

Head here to see Shana and Shaun’s full video!

Would you like me to document your wedding on Super 8? Let’s create a candid film that captures the nostalgia of your story. Reach out to me here!

Thank you to the vendors who helped make Shana and Shaun’s wedding so amazing:
Videographer: Jason Moody Photography 
Photographer: Kelly Giarrocco 
Venue: Maas Building 
Planner: Philly DI
Caterer: Yalla Yaya 
Florals: Ashn Earth Florals 
Rentals: Broyt